Parent Work Casebook

work casebook      How often do we hear, “I don’t treat children – it’s too hard to work with their parents”? Parent work undoubtedly brings many challenges. Those who undertake the task must be prepared to deal with its myriad complexities, intense transferences and countertransferences, unique dilemmas regarding confidentiality, and special skill in balancing attention to our patients’ internal and external worlds. 

     This casebook brings together the voices of 40 psychoanalysts from around the world to illustrate contemporary views about whether and how to work with parents. The ideas proposed in the Novicks’ 2005 Working with Parents Makes Therapy Work are illustrated and explored here through clinical vignettes, commentaries from experienced child and adolescent analysts, and reflections by the volume’s editors. The value of parent work is affirmed as a substantive contribution to pragmatic, effective, and life-changing child and adolescent psychoanalysis. The evidence of the rewards and satisfactions of working with children and their parents herein may persuade some to say, “I’d like to treat children and learn more about work with their parents.”

First comments from mental health clinicians:

“The casebook is certainly rich, complex and useful.”

“Many thanks for bringing together this outstanding contribution to child- and adolescent work.”

“I have now read the book and it is a significant contribution.”

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